Monday, June 27, 2011

Leadership Buttons

Hi Everyone,
Diane Woodward, a local fellow music teacher, and I have designed a set of buttons for Leadership.  Here are the jpg files for the designs, as well as a photo of the finished product.

Also, today was a great day at Summer Camp!  WBT really works!


  1. I love these buttons! I tried to figure out how to reproduce these in publisher but I could not... I would like leader buttons for each of the rules. Is there any way you could email me the file so I can make leader buttons to match these?

  2. Thanks! You have to put the jpg files into publisher and then size them for the buttons you are going to produce (or, like I did, transferred the files to my teacher resource center so that they could do it for themselves in their own software). However, the new rules pics are copyrighted and are available to download at 99 cents each at in the store link (which is what I did for my classroom - laminated). If you want those, that is your best bet to get them. Then you can make buttons of your chosen size with the rules on them. I was only interested in making the buttons for the 4 tasks I made them for. Hope this helps!

  3. OK, so looking at it now, I see that you wanted the jpg files of these particular buttons in addition to the rules. I will gladly send you the files for these buttons if you send me your email address. I wish there were a way I could post them on here as downloadable files.

  4. You are AWESOME...thanks so much for the info. My email is, I also wish you could post files on blogs so you could download them:)