Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Blog Post

Whole Brain Teaching for Guitar!  Using Little Kids Rock and Whole Brain Teaching!

Since I am teaching a Summer Guitar Camp, and am re-vamping my Whole Brain Teaching techniques, I thought I would start a blog.  This post is short, but the others will be more in depth.  Just checking right now to see that the system works.


  1. So I have been asked to elaborate on what "few, but crucial, areas" I learned about at the seminar. I had been using only the scoreboard, and then went to the guff meter, but without understanding how to use it. I also have been in a classroom next to a 4th grade class and had to keep the noise level down all the time. Therefore, I had not been having them repeat hands and eyes after me, and was using the scoreboard without the mighty groan. Hopefully, whether I end up teaching science or music, I will have a classroom that we can make more noise in. I also discovered that although I was chunking things down for teach/ok, I wasn't chunking small enough. Plus I wasn't using teach/ok often enough to keep the kids engaged and having fun. I have the unique opportunity to be using this method this summer in a Summer Camp setting, and after revising all those things have been having a lot more success.

  2. Yes, I agree about the chunking in small enough portions to keep kids engaged and then using the teach/ok often enough. These are areas that I struggled with last year, my first year with WBT. I've got to break each concept down smaller for my first graders so that I'm able to use that tool to the max. Their shorter attention spans and concrete thinking will make this crucial, so I'm watching every kinder and first grade teacher video I can get my mitts on this summer to find examples of how to do this well. Thank you for sharing these very crucial areas!

  3. I have been part time team teaching at the camp with Pamela. I have been doing WBT for two years teaching music from pre-k through fifth. She is doing great!

    My main advice is that when one has been teaching for years, one has to really work hard to break old habits and form new ones. Once it becomes second nature, it works!