Thursday, June 23, 2011

Answer to Jason's question.

So I have been asked to elaborate on what "few, but crucial, areas" I learned about at the seminar. I had been using only the scoreboard, and then went to the guff meter, but without understanding how to use it. I also have been in a classroom next to a 4th grade class and had to keep the noise level down all the time. Therefore, I had not been having them repeat hands and eyes after me, and was using the scoreboard without the mighty groan. Hopefully, whether I end up teaching science or music, I will have a classroom that we can make more noise in. I also discovered that although I was chunking things down for teach/ok, I wasn't chunking small enough. Plus I wasn't using teach/ok often enough to keep the kids engaged and having fun. I have the unique opportunity to be using this method this summer in a Summer Camp setting, and after revising all those things have been having a lot more success.

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